Nombre Completo:



1).-   It __________ four o´clock.  I have to go

2) .-  It's the ________ time he has lost his phone


3).-   I ________ your father on the train yesterday

4).-   What are ________?


5).-   Julia and Susan are my friends. ________ lovely

6).-   My aunt and uncle are very nice. ________ live in Wales


7).- ________ a toilet I can use?

8).- He ________ football on Saturday afternoons
9).- My new bicycle is much ________ than my old one 10).- My father ________ move house next year
11).- I don't want ________ home yet 12).- ________ a huge mountain range in the west of the country
13).- John doesn't have a job. He's ________ 14).- It's Sunday. I ________ go to work
15).- He gave the money to ________. 16).- She talks ________.
17).- There are ________ tomatoes in the fridge 18).- I think English is ________ than maths
19).- What is ________ book you have read? 20).- Those ________ my pens. They're yours
21).- ________ got a new mobile telephone  

Completa usando los verbos apropiados


Jack Tippit and his wife, Isabel who is Spanish, both work at the regent Hotel in the centre of London. Jack is a receptionist and Isabel works in the hotel bar.

Jack says: “ Ten million people   visit   London  every year, Our hotel sixty rooms and visitors from all over the world, especially from America and Japan. I Japanese, but I want to learn it. Isabel English and French and Spanish, of course.  “ Our visitors doing many things. They often breakfast in the hotel, an English breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toasts. Then perhaps after breakfast they visit the House of Parliament and Backingham Palace and shopping in Harrods. They come back to the hotel at four o’clock and have tea and relax.  Isabel and I work long hours. I from six o’clock in the morning till three in the afternoon, and Isabel from six in the evening till one in the morning, but we our work.

Isabel says:
Jack and I   live   in a room in the hotel. Jack (start) work at six in the morning but I (not start) until six in the evening. He (get up) at five o’clock. I (stay) in bed. I (not get up) until ten o’clock. We always (meet) at three o’clock in the afternoon when Jack (finish) work. We (go) back to our room and we (have) lunch before I (go) to work at quarter to six.



1).- My niece is my sister's ________. 2).- Can you give him something to drink? He's very ________.
3).- He writes articles. He's a/an ________. 4).- Try to get home before rush ________.
5).- There is often a traffic ________ at rush hour 6).- The opposite of loose is ________.
7).- There is an excellent art ________ in the town 8).- She's about 50. She's ________
9).- There were four ________ in the car 10).- Justine has got fair ________
11).- It's going to rain. I hope you brought your ________? 12).- Who is your favorite ________?
13).- We study past events in ________. 14).- Can you put the plates in the ________.
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